Consulting Partner
  1. Investor and Property Developer
    Investing capital and resources in a broad range of projects, companies and property developments. Global outlook and strongest positions in London and Sweden.
  2. Public Speaker & Author
    Sharing ideas about entrepreneurship, trust, investments, property, sales, team performance and much more.
  3. Management Consulting
    Managing Director for Global Sales Consulting ltd. Working with customers across sectors mainly in the area of growth and sales performance. Process improvement, education, coaching and mentoring.
I love to help others! 
My endeavour is to help others gain control over their thoughts and future
Fredrik Sandvall is a Partner of Sandvall Invest and Managing Director of Global Sales Consulting. He is a highly competitive former Special Forces Captain from Sweden. After an interesting career, he moved further into consulting and investments. He enjoys to be on stage and happily share a wealth of knowledge accumulated in more than 70 countries.
This global exposure and his curiosity has  allowed him to explore some of his main interests people and business. It is no wonder that a lot of his work is linked to leadership, communication, negotiation, and influencing.  
He is just about to publish his first official book Trust is the new currency in early 2017 on how to build trust, attract the right partners and create wealth through business and investments. That pretty much summarise what Fredrik is doing for a living having left his employment 2014 on his 40th birthday. 

Main interests include
Partner - Sandvall Invest Ltd a property holding company 
Managing Director - Global Sales Consulting Ltd
Business Development Manager for London - Multi-Let UK
Property Investors Network - Mastermind Facilitator and Coach
Various other director and advisory positions in a couple of other companies 
Financial services, Outsourcing, IT start-up and property companies. 
Non for profit: Junior MBA teaching younger persons about entrepreneurship
Family, Travel and Sports
Yes and helping others when I can :) 
Fredrik is one of those leaders that I really appreciate to work with. With a tremendous drive to make things happen Fredrik takes on the most challenging of tasks. 

As a military leader Fredrik has the ability to create true team spirit. By supporting and believing in his co-workers and subordinates he gets teams and people to move forward. Fredrik always makes for certain that members of his team feel good about working together so that they can accomplish their tasks and move on to the next. Fredrik also has the ability to understand other people’s strengths, a quality that characterizes him as an efficient and humble leader.

Fredrik has a remarkable personal drive combined with an intelligent ability to achieve tasks and deadlines that would be regarded as impossible by anyone else than himself. Consequently, I was not really surprised when Fredrik arrived in the Congo bush to take on my responsibilities as the manager of a UN humanitarian aid mission to the DRC back in 2009, only 2 weeks after I called him on a bad SATCOM connection to see if he was available. If you are ever in trouble, anywhere, call Fredrik. He will help you out!
David Dymmel
Senior Consultant & Industry Team Manager at 4C Strategies
Investments and Developments 
Consulting, Speaking and Mentoring
This is one of those areas that is not applicable to everyone. As this is a regulated activity then feel free to get in touch so that Fredrik can share what is relevant to your situation. 
Fredrik is a regular speaker globally, MBA graduate presenting in multiple languages. Award winning and Fellow of ISM, IC, CMI to mention a few. He frequently presents at various events including Property Investors Network - PIN, Progressive Property, Property Circle, Chartered Management Institute, Institute of Consulting, Institute of Sales Management, Postgraduate, and Executive education at highly regarded universities and corporate customers. The most common topics are entrepreneurship, investments, property developments, mindset, networking, trust, negotiation, sales and business development. 
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