Consulting Partner
Invest in yourself for choice, freedom and making it possible to help others better
Helping people achieve financial freedom through property and business!
Married with Harriet and proud father of Ivan and Charlie. 
He likes a broad range of sports including cave diving, mountain bike and MMA. 

Fredrik is an international business leader with experience from traveled more than 70 countries and worked in 37. Experienced global business operator with an unusual track record including diplomatic relationships, military operations, surgery and serial entrepreneur.

 international and multi-industry track record. Working at senior levels within the world’s largest organizations to create growth.

He often measures success by how much he  helps others to “grow” mentally and financially. As that is very much up to what other people are doing that means he prefers to work with action takers. 

The largest changes in his life:
Training  for the special forces passing the selection and later an officer conducting 16 years of service. 
At the same time started company two and three.
While completing three business degrees
Becoming a father and also enjoying life. 
Full time into management consulting.
Full time into property

It would be easy to write a book about Fredrik career, actually one book about how he is thinking about trust, business and entrepreneurship is being published in Q1 2017: Trust is the new currency - How to build trust, attract the right partners and create wealth through business and investments. (Co-authored)

Winning is important to Fredrik and he usually competes with himself... Why compare yourself with everyone else, what they do is their business and you have no idea how easy or hard it was for them to do what they did. 

Fredrik is a Dealmaker! Loves the fine art of influencing and selling in a professional way. 
His coaching and mentoring clients have been very lucky, as Fredrik believes you can influence your own luck quite a lot. 
He is a trusted advisor and sits on a number of boards in executive or non-executive positions. 

He still works with strategic and management consulting on partner level focusing on business consulting, sales transformation and property.

It is great to understand different parts of a company if you should do any kind of advisory or senior management work (if you like acronyms here are a few to summarise Fredrik's previous or current roles / achievements: 

If you have any questions, please contact Fredrik or his team